Meticulous Knitwear Spring Summer 2023 Look Book

Meticulous Knitwear Spring Summer 2023 Look Book

The genesis of our latest collection is deeply rooted in the historic evolution of sportswear, tracing back to an era when leisure attire signified luxury exclusive to the affluent. This paradigm underwent a revolutionary shift with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, paving the way for fashion democracy. The United States, in particular, emerged as a cultural beacon, transforming leisure activities into global phenomena. Iconic moments, such as John F. Kennedy championing sailing as a recreational sport, baseball securing its place as America's favorite pastime, and the groundbreaking acceptance of shorts in women's sports, collectively mark a significant cultural transition. These elements reflect a broader narrative of sportswear's journey towards inclusivity and the democratization of comfort and style in the fabric of American culture.

Drawing visual and thematic inspiration from the classic film "To Catch a Thief," our collection captures the essence of effortless elegance portrayed by Brigitte Auber and Grace Kelly. Their portrayal embodies the free spirit and comfort that has come to define modern sportswear. This cinematic masterpiece not only provided a visual blueprint for our collection but also reinforced the notion that women feel most beautiful and confident when adorned in comfort. By intertwining these historical and cinematic influences, we've crafted a line of transitional clothing that pays homage to the transformative legacy of sportswear. Each piece is designed to echo this enduring sentiment, offering a contemporary interpretation of comfort and elegance that empowers women to embrace their own free spirit and beauty.


Wicker Lounge Shirt in Tan & Regatta Short in Tan

Wicker Lounge Shirt in Navy

Pointelle Crewneck in White

Pointelle Crewneck in Navy & Pareo in Navy

Pointelle Crewneck in Mint & Regatta Short in Mint

Jacquard Lounge Shirt in White with Blue Pinstripes & Regatta Short in Blue

Jacquard Lounge Shirt in White with Mint Pinstripes & Regatta Short in Mint

Cable Crewneck in Nantucket Red

Cable Crewneck in White

Cable Crewneck in Blue

Breton Shirt in Blue with Nantucket Red Stripes & Regatta Short in Blue

Breton Shirt in White with Blue Stripes & Regatta Short in Blue


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